Classroom management

Recess prepares for life, love and even schoolwork

What a difference! Last term we changed our recess time from 15 to 30 minutes and added extra free play time in class. It made such a difference in my class! Several studies discuss the impact of play and outdoor activities on brain development, social skills, learning and academic achievement and I cannot agree more […]

Squeezy play-dough balloons – fiddle, squeeze and stretch

  Inspired by Somewhatsimple’s Wacky Sacks I made a few squeezy play-dough stress balloons for my class today. I have a few kids in my class that find it very difficult to sit and listen attentively. So I’m always looking for fiddle toys that I can use during carpet time. I’m a big fan of […]

Freebie: Animal Award Bracelet to reward students

I’m always looking for new ways to reward my students and I  prefer rewards that last for a little while because I believe they work as little reminders (“Hey, I’ve done a good job today”) and they are something to show at home as well. They have to be creative and colorful, but at the […]