Pasta snakes – threading activity

Last week we finished our “jungle animal theme” and one of our craft activities was “snake threading”. I still had some colored pasta from our last threading activity, so there was not a lot to prepare and the kids loved it.

I introduced Miss Snake during morning carpet time, so all of my kids had an idea of what they were supposed to do and what the final result should look like. I had already prepared circles with laces and googly eyes; the children only had to do the lacing and sticking eyes part.

We used:

  • Laces / thread (to make threading easier for some children I tied a piece of pipe cleaner on one end)
  • green cardboard circles
  • googly eyes + liquid glue
  • lots of pasta

We got: Lovely pasta snakes!

Pasta snakes

This art activity was inspired by the Patterned Bead Snakes activity that you can find on I think their snakes are super adorable.

Do you use pasta for threading craft activities? Please share your ideas and post a link to your blog post, if you like!

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