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Don’t get me wrong, I love preschool resources with cute images, colorful backgrounds and funny fonts – and my hard drive is full to bursting with all kinds of alphabet cards – animals, super heroes, trains and planes… but sometimes I feel that “less is more”.

I have one little boy in my class that knows his letters and phonic sounds, however, whenever I show P. a card with cute pictures or in fancy colors, it totally distracts him. He will answer by naming the object on the card – but it is almost impossible to get the sound or letter name out of him without verbal prompt.

So we are using the fun alphabet cards all the time – but sometimes (“drilling time”) I prefer to use plain flash cards without any additional “information” such as pictures, colors, frames. And it makes such a difference! Suddenly P. is able to identify all letter sounds independently, no additional help needed!

Alphabet cards - AAlphabet cards Tt

I also use them for writing activities, e.g. my kids have to find letters in workstations full of pasta or other materials and then copy them on a worksheet. The cards are great for matching activities as well: Hide the capitals and lowercase letters in the classroom and go on a letter scavenger hunt!

Alphabet cards can be so much fun, even without pictures!

If you want to try it, feel free to download all alphabet cards here. This set includes 78 plain alphabet cards (lowercase, uppercase, both) with 4 cards per page.

Freebie: Alphabet cards – free download

Set of 78 alphabet cards:

26 capital letters, 26 lowercase letters, 26 capital & lowercase letters

4 cards per page, white background

This is a free download.

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