Hands on! Counting cards with pegs or clips – free download

The last two weeks we’ve been really working hard to master matching amounts to numbers and vice versa – some of my kids are really confident to independently identify correct amounts up to ten, but most still struggle with the smaller numbers. There are a lot of different activities we do – worksheets, counting real objects (Do your kids know how many doors, chairs, and cupboard are available in class?), but I still needed an activity that was not “worksheets” and could be done independently at the same time.

And here it is:

Emergency themed counting cards (up to ten).Emergency matching amount to number g cards

  • Kids can work independently by placing pegs or clips on the corresponding number
  • Emergency themed (it’s our monthly theme – and the kids love all the police and fire fighter stuff *didodidodido*) – works great for “Community helpers” and “People who help us” as well!
  • All numbers are in sequence (that’s another thing we are working on, so I didn’t want to confuse them by mixing numbers up…)
  • 40 cards (which means a lot of counting…)

Download your set – it’s free!

Counting clip cards – emergency theme – free download

Counting cards to 10 - Practice amounts - free download

This set contains 40 counting cards to practice number – amount matching up to 10.

Free for personal use (at home or in your own classroom).

Preparation: Print, cut and laminate the task cards. Children count the objects and identify the correct amount by putting a clip / peg on the corresponding number or by circling the number with dry-erase marker.

All images in this set are emergency related (e.g. fire fighter, first aid kit, police hat) and perfect for “People who help us” and “Community helper” themes in preschool and kindergarten.

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