Spring cleaning …and free alphabet worksheets for you

Free Worksheets A-Z letter search

Finally I’ve found some time for a “blog and store spring cleaning session”. I deleted some products from my shop, because I believe they need a little make-over, and changed the navigation of the blog a little. Just a little. You won’t get lost, I promise :)! But it is so much easier now to find all Freebies in one place – just click on “Freebies” in the top menu. Or, if you are looking for something specific, maybe a certain activity or some theme related stuff for your next class project, click on “Subject”. Easy like Ice-cream :)!


A while ago I made some alphabet worksheets to use with my kids, but the term was too short and so I didn’t even have a chance to use them. However, they are just waiting to be used, so here you go: Feel free to download and use them with your kiddos, the download is free.

This worksheet set includes 26 worksheets to practice tracing, writing and letter identification by searching.

Download 26 alphabet worksheets

Alphabet letter search Worksheets – write and search

Free Worksheets A-Z letter search

Set of 26 worksheets to practice all alphabet letter (uppercase / lowercase) by tracing, writing and searching for the correct letter. Kids circle the matching letters, color or trace the letters in the center and develop their writing skills by writing the letters on writing lines.

Free download – your feedback is appreciated :)!

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  1. Wonderful idea! I plan to make copies on card stock, laminate and use with dry erase makers to make it reusable for students.

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