How to practice Sight Words? Play Mat Freebie!

This term I’m not working a lot on Sight Words because most of my preschool kids still have to practice their ABC and phonics. However, last term we practiced around 20 sight words and I know that next term Sight Words will be back again *yay*!

I’m using Fry’s Sight Words (you can find them here) and I’m always looking for new engaging ways of practicing them beside “flash card drill”.

Some resources I use to practice high frequency words:

  • Flash cards:
    “Speed reading” – I show the cards and the kids say the word as fast as they can
    “Secret bag” – Kids take a card out of a bag and read the word to their friends. Sometimes I hide the cards in sand, messy play material (Jelly is fun!) or in water (Note to myself: make sure to laminate cards with a transparent border if you want to use them more than once …)
  • Sensory trays:
    I place a laminated word on a tray and cover it with material (salt, sand), kids trace the word with a brush (or just use their fingers). Kids that are able to write can copy the words on the sand / salt tray.
  • Play dough:
    Kids roll play dough snakes and use them to “write” their words
  • Coloring pages:
    Kids trace the word or color the letters
  • Sticking activities: Kids decorate a print out with different materials (buttons, stickers, paint, fabric)

For all activities I use sight word mats, one set in color as flash cards for morning time and one set in black and white for tracing activities and play dough games.

playdough mat6splaydough mats_color3

If you like to try, here is a freebie set of 5 mats (color and black and white, 10 pages) – free download!

Fry’s Sight Words – Play mats and coloring sheets

5 Play mats (colored) and 5 coloring sheets to practice high frequency words of Fry’s Sight Word List. Words included: the – of – and – a – to

Free download.

playdough mats4


Visit my TpT Shop to download the full set with all first 100 words of Fry’s Sight Word list (200 pages).

Are you looking for all first 100 words of Fry’s Sight Word list? You can find the complete bundle (200 pages, 100 color and 100 in black and white) in my TpT shop.



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