Activities with Alphabet Lacing Beads

Args! I did it again…

Yesterday I went to the toy shop to buy a little gift for my friend’s daughter. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I ended up buying a lot more stuff than I wanted to – I guess the guy in the shop could tell I’m a teacher…

One of my newest treasures is this wonderful set of alphabet letter lacing beads from ELC.

ELC Lacing beads The set comes with 70 wooden alphabet blocks with lowercase letters in four colors and two laces. The blocks are rather small, so this set is suitable for kids that have already some practice in threading.

As soon as I saw them my brain started throwing creativity sparks – there are so many ways I can use them in my class!

If you have a set of letter beads or thinking of purchasing one: Here is my brain storming list of activities to practice letter recognition, phonics, writing and reading PLUS develop concentration skills and improve fine motor skills!

And if your brain starts throwing sparks as well, visit the comment section below and share your sparks! 🙂

  • Practice the alphabet
    Lace all alphabet letters and name the letters / say the phonics sound. If you don’t like lacing / threading, just stack them 🙂
    Alphabet letters
  • Write your name
    Find all letters and thread your name… I think this will make a nice birthday necklace for the birthday kids in my class!
  • Letter recognition or color recognition
    Sort all letters into groups (sound them out, name them) or work on colors. Sort all blocks according to their color, identify all letters in a group. Can you build a word with the letters you got?
    Blocks in colors
  • Practice blending and CVC words
    Place the letters of a CVC word (“cat”) on a thread but keep some space between the letters. Sound every letter out (c -___- a -___- t), don’t say the letter names. Move the letters closer to each other but still keep a little space between (c -_- a -_- t), sound the letters out. Then move the letters together and sound the whole word. This activity can be done without a lace, however, the lace will add some visual support to the activity.
  • Practice sequencing
    Thread beads in a color sequence (e.g. blue – red – blue) or letter sequence (a – b – a). As my set doesn’t contain a lot of letters, I will stick to color sequencing (or maybe just go and buy another set …or two? Ha.) I’m very convinced that lacing sequences helps kids to understand the concept of a sequence because the lace provides visual support (everything is and stays in a row, nothing can be mixed up) and the actual action of threading a bead provides time to think about the next option….it kind of slows down the whole process of sequencing
    sequencing colors

I use threading activities in my class all the time …when kids needs some “cool down time”, when they finish their task and need to wait for a while, to practice certain skills… and I’m really happy to add this little set to my collection.

If you are looking for a letter lacing set, visit ELC or find an alternative option with lowercase letters and capital letters here on Amazon. (Affiliate link – thank you for your support :)! )

Thanks for reading and now

share your sparks! 🙂


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