All numbers, line up! Freebie Number lines


There are two things that I absolutely love to use for my teaching resources: Laminating pouches and velcro. They turn ordinary worksheets into little games and everything looks just better when it gets laminated (I find it so difficult to wait for the laminated sheet to come out of the laminating machine …:S ). The next step of my teacher educational  resources preparation madness is to “velcro” almost everything. It prevents laminated pictures from sliding and moving around (they tend to crawl under the table…) and makes solving a worksheet so much easier for clumsy little hands. I’m using double sided velcro (self-adhesive) like this one here on Amazon.


A few weeks ago I spent some time at home to  create number lines from 1 to 20 for my kids that they use for independent number work. They really enjoy placing the velcro numbers; I guess it feels a little bit like using stickers (which are magic!).

I use the number lines to practice

  • sequencing numbers
  • finding a missing number
  • finding a preceding and a following number
  • counting forward/ backward
  • matching numbers

 Feel free to download and use the worksheets with your kids!

Freebie: Number line worksheets

5 Number lines from 1-20 to use as worksheets or laminated activity sheets; set includes number 1-20 in two different fonts. Sequence, match, count, stick, find the missing number… Freebie – Free download.


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