End of Term Summer 2015 and Lots of Fun – Hurray!

What a busy day! Today was our last day of term and the last day of the school year….and it was packed with fun, joy, and some tears here and there.

In the morning I prepared everything for a mega water fight with some of my colleagues …we just needed a reason to use all the leftover balloons . We filled 6 big containers with balloons and 2 really big messy play tubs with water….and of course we got the water hose ready.



At 9 o’clock parents and kids of 5 classes joined us for a water fight and OH MY Hiccup they were not merciful on us educators. But I think our defense was great …. Everyone had so much fun (some of the parents more than the kids …) and everyone was soaking wet at the end. It was kind of funny when everybody returned to class – dripping and dropping, leaving trails of wet foot prints. Of course we made sure that classes were equipped with spare towels and all children had dry and warm spare clothes.


After the water fight we had an indoor class picnic and some parents brought super delicious dishes! The kids were so exhausted after the fight; all of them sat and munched their chocolate muffins and popcorn away.

We ended the day with a short carpet time, singing some of our favorite nursery rhymes this year, taking lots of farewell pictures, exchanging gifts and end of term certificates and giving tons of hugs.


This class was a real handful at times, but I’m so proud of their achievements this term / year. Many of the kids are going to move class, some will even go into a mainstream kindergarten / school.

Next week will be our clean-up week: Tidying classrooms, making and checking inventories (wurks…), preparing the next two months of summer camps …

How was your end of term? Are you ready for the summer holidays or is there more work for you to do?




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