Trying Illustrator & a Clip Art Freebie for you: Smiley Faces

Today I dared to look at Illustrator CC and I have to admit: It is great software! In my opinion there is only one little problem …now I want it. I should have stayed happy with Inkscape and Gimp, both free software with brilliant options. Being a novice graphic designer trial and error artist both software programs offer more options than I will ever use. However, I just fell in love with Illustrator! After short initial confusion it was really easy to navigate my way through the menu and the tools and ahhhh!

I’m not a big fan of clouds, but when I saw Illustrator CS 6 prices (stand alone software) …oh my hiccup. More than 500$ for a software with more options than I would ever master in a life-time? I guess, if I decide to keep working with Illustrator, I have to join the cloud – prices for Illustrator CC are much more reasonable and you pay half of the price for a one year license…

Are you in the Adobe cloud?

The little blue friend on the right side is a side product of all my software testing today.

I made a little free clip art set of four smileys for you – you are allowed to use them for your educational resources or your educational website.

The set includes a happy smiley, a cheering smiley, a sad smiley and a confused/angry smiley. Maybe print them on adhesive paper and make customized stickers?

Let me know how you use them – I’m always curious and love to visit your website back :)!

Freebie: Smiley Faces Clip Art – Commercial Educational Use allowed
Free Clip Art: Smiley Faces

Free Clip Art: Smiley Faces

Clip art set of four little smiley faces.

This set includes

4 full color Clip art images, png file format , 300 DPI

You are allowed to use the images in your own classroom or at home (personal use).
You are allowed to use the clip art files in your personal and commercial educational resources without giving credit, however, credit is appreciated :)!

Full Terms of Use (“TOU”) are included in the ZIP file.

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