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I’m devastated! My classroom colleague and good friend is resigning and leaving next week to emigrate to Scotland and start a new life there, and I’ll miss her too much. We have been such a great team in class – you know that kind of “I look at you and you know exactly what I think” kind of team. I’m really happy for her …but she will be missing in class!

To give her a little personal gift I made a little survival basket for her that has everything (and a little more) she might need to survive her new adventure (…you know, the Highlands can be a rough place…;)…)

DIY Survival basket - Gift for teachers

I’ll add a personal note with instructions for every item in the basket.

Included are

  • 1 Umbrella – for the rainy days
  • 1 Notebook – to write down adventures
  • 1 Pencil case with pencils – to write down adventures (and maybe send a letter or two)
  • Erasers in carrot and tomato shape – to remind her off our food pretend play in class
  • Tissues – for a tear …or more
  • Pens in different colors – to give her a good start in university
  • Ear plugs – you never know with whom you are going to share a room
  • 2 Transparent bottles – to carry what ever liquid she needs on the flight
  • 1 Tea cup – Ok, Scotland is not England. But tea is never wrong.
  • 1 Tea filter …
  • 2 Tea bags …
  • 1 pack of Short Bread
  • 1 Ice pack – …could be used as swim ring in summer to swim around the island.
  • 1 Scarf – to protect from wind and rain
  • 1 Sewing kit – you always need it when you don’t have it
  •  …hm, maybe I should add a stapler. We staple almost everything in class… 😀

Have a look for some inspiration :)…

Small items for a teacher gift

Small items for a teacher gift

The basket is a little reversible tote bag that I made yesterday evening. If you like to make your own gift tote bag or gift basket, check this tutorial by Skiptomylou.

Gift tote bag - DIY

Let me know how you fill your gift basket – I’m curious :)!

cammilyHow to make a farewell basket for a friend

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