Freebie: Animal Award Bracelet to reward students

I’m always looking for new ways to reward my students and I  prefer rewards that last for a little while because I believe they work as little reminders (“Hey, I’ve done a good job today”) and they are something to show at home as well. They have to be creative and colorful, but at the same time they have to be done without a lot of preparation (…who has enough time anyhow?). Most of the time I’m using stamps and stickers or “end of year” certificates, but recently I discovered “bracelets” as awards: I print and cut a few and whenever I need one, I just write the child’s name on it and staple it. Kids can choose their favorite animal and color the black and white version (which gives extra motivation).

There are so many ways to use them: as instant reward or as final reward after collecting a certain amount of tokens, stamps or stars (e.g. use it within your behavior management strategy).



Find the whole set of animal awards here in my TeacherspayTeachers Store:

Animal award bracelets

Or  download a free sample here (includes only the elephant award)

Freebie: Elephant Student Award Bracelet

An elephant student bracelet to reward students in preschool and kindergarten – free download.

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