Making your own doll – mark-making for toddlers

Make your own doll

Aren’t they cute! The yellow one looks like a Minion :D!

Today I had lots of fun with my little ones making their own dolls. It was a mark-making activity with a fun twist and the kids enjoyed drawing on fabric! To start our project, we’ve listened to Miss Polly had a dolly, a very famous nursery rhyme.

Afterwards, we made our very own dolls and they turned out great! They were easy to make and require only very basic sewing skills.

To make a doll you will need:

  • Markers (I used waterproof markers, but if you have textile markers that would be much better! Normal coloring pens / felt pens will do as well – but never ever give dolly a wash :)! )
  • 2 squares of fabric (plain cotton fabric works great!)
  • (tape)
  • pins
  • Sewing machine / scissor
  • needle + thread
  • Filling material (e.g. cotton wool)

How to:

  • Let your child draw anything (or a doll) on one piece of fabric. If the fabric slides on the table when drawing, tape the borders to the table :)!
  • Place the second piece of fabric on top of the drawing, pin the two layers together with pins
  • Cut around the image, leave a border of 0,5-1 cm
  • Sew it: Stitch around the image, leave an opening of 6-7 cm on one side of the image (to fill in the cotton wool later)
  • Turn the inside out (through the hole you left), your image should be outside now
  • Fill the doll
  • Close the opening with stitches, using needle and thread

The kids love their dolls!

Fred the doll

I just felt this one has to be called Fred :)!


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