Spiders on the wall – simple spider paper plate craft for kids

Spider paper plate art work

Spider paper plate craft


I’m not a spider person …except when it comes to these little guys. Like their little brothers they are black with long legs, but sometimes they have more or less eyes…and sometimes more or less legs. My preschoolers made them in preparation of Halloween and we had so many spiders that they were crawling and climbing everywhere in the classroom….we even had spiders with 10 legs (my nightmare!) – now that was scary!

We re-homed our spiders after Halloween – they got all adopted by my kids.

Spider paper plate craft

Spider paper plate craft

However, I’m sure we are going to make more spiders soon, because they make not only great Halloween decoration but are great to teach number concepts (ok, we are still working on eight legs…) and will be great for our next animal theme, too.

And they are really easy to make!

Here is what you will need to make your own spider pet:

  • black paint
  • a paper plate
  • googly eyes
  • liquid glue
  • pipe cleaners (black) – and a stapler or a hole punch to attach the legs

Paint the paper plate black and stick the googly eyes on the plate.
Attach the pipe cleaner legs to the plate and bend them slightly.


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